Yes, I can help you with your Interview and Pre-Course prep.

First thing first: you have made a great decision to become a Software Developer.

I have been exactly where you are now. I can help you with the knowledge you need to be successful at your interview process and pre-course.
I currently work as Full Stack Developer on a Ruby On Rails codebase, so my knowledge of Ruby is fresh and has improved a lot since I is ready on the table to be shared!

I am available both remotely and face to face.

A session would consists in three main steps:
1) Pair-programming in which we will be working on what you exactly need to be successful at your interview and your pre-course and on what you are not feeling confident;
2) Clearing up your doubts;
3) Answer your questions.

If you like, you can check out my website:
(Feel free to reach me out through the Contact Form in my website to ask any questions)

And now?
1) Make payment: You choose as you prefer between Monzo, classic bank transfer or just by making a 'Request' through PairUp.
2) Book your slot on

Length of Session (hours): 1.0

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