Information about PairUp



Makers is selective, yet most of the people we reject are rejected because they lacked some fundamental skills... skills which all of our graduates possess!

So we had a thought - could we have our graduates teach these skills to incoming students, and earn a bit of money while job hunting?

That was our eureka moment. And PairUp was born.

Whether you're a total beginner or have your Makers interview tomorrow, you're sure to 10x your learning curve by pairing with a graduate of Europe's leading developer bootcamp. 

What are you waiting for?!

  • Learn the skills and behaviours you need to be an awesome Junior Developer
  • Learn a tonne of syntax, and you'll get to see how to turn bad code into good code, putting rocket fuel in your 'developer engine'
  • Experience what it's like to pair programme - a huge part of the Makers experience
  • Get feedback on your problem solving skills, which is often more useful for beginners than learning syntax
  • Meet real people who've been on the course, and ask all the questions you want!