Tamara Borine

I'm a Maker from the August '16 cohort where I first learnt to code properly. I found the course a great introduction. As of August 2019, I'm a Data Scientist/Engineer working in competition economics. Previously I was at Thoughtworks as a software engineering consultant, which was my first job out of Makers.

I can help you with anything related to Makers application and interview, Makers PreCourse or Makers course material. I can also just generally support you learning to code, best practices and help you build good problem solving habits like breaking down problems into smaller problems. Additionally I can give you career advice, and help you negotiate your offers and options.

My blog of Makers: http://tamborineblog.wordpress.com/
Recent project on machine learning: https://tam-borine.github.io/RS/

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A very practical session with clear feedback and great concepts to apply when working on future challenges.

Tam was a delight to pair with, I'd highly recommend her to anyone! She was very patient with me and took the time to try and figure out my strengths and weaknesses and provided both some great practical feedback and resources to continue learning with! Pairing with her made me feel a lot more confident for pairing with Makers.

Tam, is very patient, we pair up on some Ruby exercises, I had feedback and we talked about what to do next, Thank you.