Tony Vines

An official website of the United States government There have been recent reports of fraudulent phone calls that appear to be from the Department of Justice. Learn more. Some of the items required in a medical file for medical marijuana include: Get detailed information about the strain and the latest up to date scientific information 1st October 2019 And yet, cannabis producers are throwing away more product than ever before. Since 2018, nearly 450 million grams of unpackaged cannabis have been destroyed, according to reporting from MJBizDaily. Nearly 280 million grams of that was from 2020 alone, representing almost 20 percent of all production that year. (An “expected” loss in commercial growing is between 5 and 8 percent.) Add to that nearly 3.8 million finished packages of dried flower, 1.5 million packages of extracts, and more than 700,000 packaged edibles.

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