Merve Taner

I am an ex-account manager as well as an ex-scientist, who graduated from Makers Academy last year. I am currently working as a Software Developer SinplyBusiness and I am also a volunteer coach at Code First Girls, and the founder of the Computer Science Noobs meet up group!

If you are interested in a pairing session with me, remote pairing would be the easiest to arrange, but if you are based in London (and also a coffee fanatic like me), we can also arrange to pair at a coffee shop like real techies :)

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Merve is great, helped me a lot

I really enjoyed my session with Merve. Merve was patient, explained key concepts well and helped me better approach and break down problems. Thanks very much :)

I had yet another very productive session with Merve. She is very patient and doesn't just give you the solution, but teaches you how to find it yourself using various resources. She is also very good at explaining the code and what it does!