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What is the cost of proofreading or editing for authors?
The terms proofreading and editing have already been mentioned. Before even talking about the prices of professional proofreading, you should know the differences. A proofreading usually involves going over spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A proofreading of a novel goes much further. Here, a check is made for errors in content and logic, and individual formulations and stylistics are also put to the test. It is therefore not surprising that this comprehensive form of text correction is more expensive than proofreading. An average price for a proofreading is 6 to 7 Euros per standard page with https://editius.com/ its only 5. In order to estimate what a professional proofreader would cost you, you need to convert the number of characters in your book into standard pages.

A classic standard page contains 1800 characters with spaces. This corresponds to a book page with 30 lines of 60 characters each (about 300 words). This definition dates back to the days of typewriters, where a page was written from top to bottom. The VG Wort considers a standard page of 1800 characters to be outdated and defines the standard page as 1500 characters with spaces. Today, many proofreaders and translators use this definition as a guideline. In order to correctly estimate the costs for editing your novel, you must convert your manuscript into standard pages. To do this in https://editius.com/paper-corrector/, simply take the number of characters with spaces (under Counting Words) and divide it by 1500. You have already determined the number of standard pages.

But before you determine a standard page, you should ask the service provider how they define such a page. This information can usually be found on the provider's website. 1500 characters is the definition of the VG Wort. But some proofreaders also calculate with 1600 characters or with 250 words per standard page. But now we have philosophized enough about character numbers. What would the editing of a book with 300 standard pages cost? At 6 euros per page, this would be 1800 euros. With proofreading, the cost is a few hundred euros less. In any case, it is a proud price for a self-publisher who might sell his first novel in an edition of 400 copies.

If you don't want to dig so deep into your pocket for proofreading your book, there is an interesting alternative. On the Internet, you can find a large number of volunteer proofreaders who are happy to help young authors. https://editius.com/resume-editing-services/ also offers such a service. This is not a professional editing service. Rather, the focus is on reviewing content, like an exchange between author and editor, which means above all fun in literary work for both sides.

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