Mary Wilkerson

Online measurements change from U.S. Standard Units to Metric Units.
Primary transformations: Area change incorporates Square meters to square feet, Square feet to square meters.
Temperature change incorporates Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees and Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees.
Speed change incorporates Kilometers each hour to miles each hour, Miles each hour to kilometers each hour,
Mass change incorporates Ounces to Kilogram, Kilograms to ounces, Ounces to grams and Grams to ounces,
Ounces to pounds, Pounds to ounces, Kilograms to pounds, Pounds to kilograms, Grams to kilograms, Kilograms to grams,
Grams to pounds, Pounds to grams, Metric tons to kilograms, Kilograms to metric tons, Metric tons to pounds, Pounds to metric tons
Volume change incorporates Gallons to liters, Liters to gallons, Quarts to milliliters, Milliliters to quarts,
Quarts to liters, Liters to quarts, Fluid ounces to milliliters, Milliliters to liquid ounces, Fluid ounces to liters, Liters to liquid ounces,
Pints to milliliters and Milliliters to pints

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