Succeed in your Makers interview, precourse, & course!

Hi! I recently graduated Makers and currently work as a software engineer. I'm now looking to give something back to those just starting their journey.

I can give you the latest info on what the course entails, how to get the most out of it, and most importantly help you pass your interview and pre-course as easily as possible! This includes guidance on:

  • Ruby
  • Version control (Git and GitHub)
  • Terminal (command line, bash)
  • Setting up your computer
  • Remote working

If you're interested, hit that 'Contact' button, or get in touch at, so we can arrange a remote pairing session.

Length of Session (hours): 1.0

Public discussion (6)


3 years ago

Jason being my mentee as well I can definitely recommend him! He was extremely prepared even when he had his session with me so I imagine after finishing makers and working as a developer he's even more prepared.

I can only recommend him!

James Pickman

2 years ago

Jason was very friendly and enthusiastic. He encouraged me to think for myself and gave me confidence in my code, but knew when to step in with advice. He helped lots at first and over subsequent sessions, let me struggle a bit more so as to more closely imitate the interview process. I found my sessions with Jason very helpful and I would definitely recommend him, as he really knows his stuff!

Jaroslaw Cudzich

2 years ago

Jason was very helpful and informative in breaking down the problems at hand into smaller pieces making them easier for me to understand. I highly recommend Jason.

Brett Karlson

2 years ago

Joson was easy to talk to, and picked up many things I was doing incorrectly. He was calm and supportive, but let me make my own mistakes, which is good.

I found his sessions extremely helpful leading up to my pairing interview, and I will definitely seek his guidance on the course and with job searches. Brilliant!

Christie Griffiths

30 days ago

Jason was great. Knew his stuff and was very good at communicating it. I definitely recommend Jason if you're looking to improve your knowledge and get on the Makers course. Good luck!


6 days ago

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