READ THE REVIEWS! They speak for themselves :)

I was responsible for attracting and selecting all candidates for the first 5 years of the business.

In 1-3 sessions, I'll be able to tell you pretty quickly if you have what it takes, and show you the skills and processes you'll need to develop to secure a spot at Makers and start your career as a developer.

Length of Session (hours): 1.0

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Jordan Poulton

6 years ago

If anyone has questions, don't be shy to ask away :)

Nikolay Stoyanov - ACCOUNT DISABLED

6 years ago

I had a great pairing session with Jordan.He needed no time to pin point all my weak points and highlife what I need to concentrate on to prepare for my interview.Looking forward to have another pairing sesshion with him and highly recommend his help to all new beginners.


6 years ago

I just had an incredibly useful session with Jordan. I wish i had done one earlier. He was able to concisely explain multiple concepts that i had been struggling with.

He also really helped me with understanding how to effectively read errors and use that insight in solving problem.

His emphasis on ensuring i effectively verbalise my thought process and actions while solving problems was really helpful.

I would definitely recommend any new coders to take a couple of sessions early on in your development. I'm definitely feeling more confident about my pairing session.

Nikolay Stoyanov - ACCOUNT DISABLED

6 years ago

I'v pass my interview and I'am cracking on with the pre-course.Thanks Jordan.

Jordan Poulton

5 years ago

More reviews available here :)


5 years ago

Had 3 sessions with Jordan for my second pairing interview.

He was excellent at identifying where I needed to improve and helping me to do so whilst building my confidence.

Really felt the improvement - totally worth it!

Web Design Service London

10 months ago

I had an excellent pairing session with Jordan, who quickly identified my weak points and provided focused guidance to prepare for my interview. I eagerly anticipate another session with him and highly recommend his assistance to aspiring beginners.

Buy High DA PBN

10 months ago

I recently had a tremendously valuable session with Jordan. I regret not having done it sooner. He adeptly clarified several concepts that had been causing me trouble. Additionally, he greatly assisted me in comprehending the art of deciphering errors and applying that understanding to problem-solving. His emphasis on expressing my thoughts and actions clearly during problem-solving proved exceptionally beneficial. I wholeheartedly recommend new coders to engage in a few sessions early on in their journey. Thanks to Jordan, my confidence in pairing sessions has significantly soared.

Wows Premium Shop

10 months ago

I have successfully cleared my interview and now I'm diligently proceeding with the pre-course. Appreciation to Jordan for the support.

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6 months ago

Great job! Your effort and creativity shine through in this work. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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Aplomb Day Nursery

5 months ago

Had an awesome pairing session with Jordan! He quickly identified my weak points and highlighted what I need to focus on for my interview prep. Excited for another session with him and highly recommend his help for all beginners!

Spartans Law

5 months ago

I've passed my interview and am now actively working on the pre-course. Grateful to Jordan for the support.

Web Design Agency London

5 months ago

Impressive! Your experience in candidate selection for the first 5 years of the business speaks volumes. Looking forward to the sessions where you can quickly assess and guide on the skills needed to kickstart a career as a developer at Makers. ‍

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5 months ago

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