Interview Preparation and Pre-Course Pairing

Makers Academy graduate in 2017, currently full stack software engineer working full time in Ruby/React. I also have extensive coaching/mentoring experience such as being lead instructor at CodeFirstGirls course.

I can help you through the interview process and pre-course either remotely or face to face (if you are also based in London).

Each session would consist of an hour of pair-programming followed by tackling any questions you might have about the Makers Academy experience or programming in general. Sessions are flexible based on what you require! This can be anything from working through CodeWars, doing some interview preparation by simulating the interview process or getting familiar with Git.

  1. Send me a request via PairUp or email me at
  2. Once, we have confirmed a timing make payment. Payment can be either made by making a 'Request' through PairUp , Monzo or bank transfer. If you wish to pay by Monzo or bank transfer, I will send you the details after receiving booking confirmation.
Length of Session (hours): 1.0

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Nikolay Stoyanov - ACCOUNT DISABLED

6 years ago

I'v pass my interview.:)))

Thanks Kavita.


6 years ago

Thanks Kavita, you've been very helpful for me!

mahira 9871

1 year ago

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8 months ago

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Giovanni Rocky

7 months ago

That's truly impressive! It's clear that your journey from a Makers Academy graduate in 2017 to becoming a full-stack software engineer specializing in Ruby and React has been nothing short of remarkable. Your dedication and commitment to your craft shine through, and it's evident that you've honed your skills to a high level.

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5 months ago

Thank you, Kavita! Your assistance has been greatly appreciated!

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