Full Stack Developer Contractor with Teaching Experience

Learning to code is a nightmare. You're constantly questioning your own intelligence and mental capacity in order to solve a problem.

But learning to code is also a dream. When you finally solve a problem you previously deemed unsolvable, you feel unstoppable. The sky opens up and suddenly life doesn't feel so terrible.

Do you ever feel that maybe you're just not cut out for it? Or that it's just too difficult to get started? Why the hell do we even use variables, or arrays? How does a company like Facebook use "for" loops to show content to their users?

I look forward to teaching you not just how to code, but how to think. How to dissect a problem and break it down into solvable components. I can also help with interview practice to help get into Makers Academy.

I currently work for myself as a contractor, and I've worked for a variety of businesses across different sectors. I am happy to provide career advice on top of any general programming advice you'll need.

Please get in contact if you're interested. My number to reach me is 07850122007 (I'm usually outside of the UK so best to Whatsapp me)

It's best to text/whatsapp me as I rarely check this site, and messages don't always come through to my email

Length of Session (hours): 1.0

Public discussion (2)

Cheri Crystal

11 months ago

I have a MERN project, I want a website for mern technology are you available?

Adrian Booth

11 months ago

Hey Cheri, I'm not so well versed in the MERN stack so i don't think i'll be of much use to you. Apologies

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