Kristina Nikolova

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Kristina is a wonderful coder, very clever and always focused yet fun to work with.. Since we had more than a few pairing sessions I was able to notice the progress in her approach to problem solving and her way of thinking about solutions... I also noticed her ability to critique her own code and coming up with a better solution and we haven't even discussed the concept of refactoring yet.

I'm hope for Kristina to maintain her enthusiasm and drive and to progress through her career as a software developer with similar pace and most importantly to keep learning and having fun with coding.

Yet another session with Krisitina, we picked up where we stopped last session with focus on problem solving skills and working through steps and breaking down problems into smaller, more manageable tasks. We touched on testing in codewars and I was generally impressed by how quckily and effortlessl she picked up those new concepts. Very good effort.

Another session with Kristina, noticable progress with classes and attr readers, writers and accessors.