Jason Wong

Hi! My name is Jason

I am a Software Engineer for a London tech startup. I managed to find a software job in lockdown, so am proof that the Makers process works!

As a very recent graduate of Makers Academy, I can give you the latest information on:
- the entrance interview
- pre-course
- bootcamp (including the remote experience), and
- finding a job after.

I can also help with:
- setup
- advice on things to work on/read to prepare you for Makers
- pair programming sessions with you on coding challenges.

Any other questions, please feel free to get in touch :)

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Jason was brilliant at explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner, helping me build up my confidence so I was able to tackle challenges on my own. He was very patient and I left our sessions feeling a lot more secure in my abilities.

Through our sessions, I gained a better understanding of how to break down a problem when completing coding challenges, how to think like a programmer and communicating my thought processes out loud (plus of course, so much more).

He gave incredible and detailed advice for my technical interview for a job and I am pleased to say I was offered the role! Thanks, Jason for all of your help - I would highly recommend reaching out to him so you can achieve your coding goals.

Had two sessions with Jason. Definitely worth every penny. In our first session Jason really helped me to understand how to think like a programmer. By the second session I felt more confident and understood the blueprint to tackling any coding question. If it wasn't for Jason's help I wouldn't have known what I was doing wrong and would have continued making the same mistakes and yes it's needless to say I smashed the coding interview as a result =D!

I booked a PairUp session with Jason with very short notice, on the day of my interview. I'm so grateful he could help me through where I was feeling insecure.

With only one session I learned so much!

He was really helpful and guided me so well that I passed on the first interview!

Jason is really dedicated, kind, and attentive.

Definitely recommend for anyone needing a final push on solving katas/problems.