Jason Wong

Hi! My name is Jason

I am a Software Engineer for a London tech startup. I managed to find a software job in lockdown, so am proof that the Makers process works!

As a very recent graduate of Makers Academy, I can give you the latest information on:
- the entrance interview
- pre-course
- bootcamp (including the remote experience), and
- finding a job after.

I can also help with:
- setup
- advice on things to work on/read to prepare you for Makers
- pair programming sessions with you on coding challenges.

Any other questions, please feel free to get in touch :)

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Jason was a great help in preparing me for the Makers interview. Which in turn led to me being offered a place in the program.

His guidance on the general process, technical aspects, and how best to prepare. Put me in the best position to stand out and secure my place.

Jason gave me super useful feedback and helped me pass my interview :)

Yay! I got onto the course. Thanks Jason, it was good to talk things through beforehand!