Matthew Bridges

Hi! My name's Matt, I'm the one pictured on the right, sporting that most popular of 2016 trends - DuckHat. I graduated from Makers in Jan '16, and now I work as a Python & JavaScript Developer at Farm Digital in Manchester. I also moonlight as a mentor at CodeUp Manchester where many of the attendees are in a similar situation to you, they're just getting started in code!

When pairing I think the best way to succeed is with a methodical approach, expect to be asked 'Why?', to have your process challenged. The key to being a successful programmer is being able to break down a large problem into bitesize parts, and then taking incremental steps to create a solution.

Oh, and along the way we'll probably end up using a TONNE of analogies and mnemonics to bust through all of the jargon and new concepts. Maybe I can tell you how the Law of Demeter became the Law of Dementor on the Jan '16 cohort.

If any of this interests you, get in touch and we'll arrange a time that works for you in either hour long or two hour blocks.

All the best on your coding adventure, and hopefully speak soon.
- Matt

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Matt was very quick to respond to my messages, and to get everything booked in. He was also very flexible and accommodating to my level of knowledge. Super kind , super patient and explains things in a great way. I'd highly recommend him for pairing. Thanks Matt!

I needed to brush up on my Javascript and AngularJS skills and Matthew was the man to go to!

He explained everything very clearly and was patient with me using many real world examples.

I would thoroughly recommend Matthew if you need a friendly voice of support and extensive knowledge to guarantee a place on the course!

Scott Gledhill about listing Pre-pre-course pairing 6 years ago.