Claudia Green

Makers Academy graduate, who finished the course in May 2016. Prior to MA, I was a Media & Communications graduate working in Digital Media.
I am now working as an Associate (developer & data analyst) at ANDigital, based in central London.

Since June '16 I was working at Makers Academy as part of the on-boarding team, interviewing prospective new students for MA's off-and-online courses. I've got a unique insight into sitting on both sides of the table and have extensive experience with the "learning to code" and interview process.

Happy to pair with anyone wanting to learn to code! It can be a complex, challenging and sometimes frustrating process - particularly when you're teaching yourself. I'll aim to aid your understanding of core coding concepts, and help you solve those problems that have been bugging you!

Style of pairing: Remote
Availability: Evenings & weekends

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Claudia was very helpful and patient. Within the time limit she was able to help me understand what I needed to improve on and the best way in which to do that. She also gave me some very useful advice for my interview. After my session with her I was a lot more confident about my own abilities and the up coming interview.

Sophie McLean about listing Interviewer of Interviewees 4 years ago.

Claudia, as with Makers themselves, is a proponent of "Hypothesis Driven Thinking" and as such helps you to break down a problem, predict at each stage what you expect your code to do, and then helps you to see why it may or may not be working. She is both patient and knowledgeable and as always a pleasure to work with.

Anthony Crisp about listing Interviewer of Interviewees 4 years ago.

Very helpful and flexible in what I wanted the lesson to cover. Provided some very useful interview tips as well as general tips and also explained things well.

Christos Paraskeva about listing Interviewer of Interviewees 4 years ago.