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It is possible to refer to female genitalia specifically by the abbreviation "WAP". This wap connotation originally gained popularity in the hit song "WAP," which featured well-known American rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. The contentious lyrics aroused debate and helped the phrase gain popularity. You may come across phrases like "Give me everything you've got for this WAP!" where WAP meaning for a feminine body part.

Second, the phrase "With a Passion" also translates as "With a Passion," which has a more emotive ring to it. It is usually employed to highlight a strong feeling or a fervent inclination. The phrase, which conveys a great dislike, can be found in sentences like "I hate school WAP!" In a broader sociological sense, it denotes "White Anglo-Saxon Protestants".

This expression is often used to describe a certain demographic's sociopolitical dominance in the West, especially among individuals with ties to Northern Europe and a substantial presence in countries like the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Finally, in a technical sense, "WAP" stands for "Wireless Access Protocol". This expression refers to the technological standard that enables mobile devices to connect to the internet in the domains of digital technology and telecommunications.

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